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Skarya Chateau

We are a passionate winery dedicated to producing high-quality wines capable of delighting discerning palates around the world.

Dedication delivers

Quality & sophistication in years of dedication

Our products are the incarnation of our deep passion for artisanal spirits and love for this country. Every sip embodies the heart & soul of our work as it delivers the flavorful taste of our naturally-grown elements from the Bekaa Governorate. Our creations are crafted with the utmost care and precision, they also span a multitude of different drinks to suit all kinds of tastes and gatherings; we have Skarya Arak and Arak Jeddo to keep the Sunday gathering tradition alive, we also have different iterations of Skarya Wine for your cozy night in, and last but not least, we have gluten-free Raw Liquor when you want to add some zest to the party.

Delicious flavor

More than wine

Our Indigenous Skarya Wine, Born In Our Winery At The Heart Of Lebanon, Is So Much More Than Just Wine; It Is Spiritual Poetry Made To Quench The Most Insatiable Of Thirsts For New Emotions When Breathing In That Intoxicating Wine Essence. This Wine Aims To Fulfill Skarya’s Vision Of Redefining The Lebanese Spirit, One Bottle At A Time, By Being The First Of Its Kind On The Lebanese Wine Market To Be Organically Fermented And Aged With Pure Lebanese Toasted Oak. Add To The Mix The Unrivaled Combination Of Handpicked Cabernet Sauvignon And Merlot Grapes, And You’ve Got Yourself Wine Done To Utter Perfection. In Order To Preserve The Uniqueness Of This High-Caliber Product, It Will Only Be Available In Limited Quantities

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